Bunk Bed & Bang

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Brenna Sparks is annoyed that her dorm mate keeps taking her clothes without asking. On top of that, Ms. Sparks is extremely horny and irritable! Brenna is in her towel and bends over to gather her clothes when her dorm mate’s boyfriend, Danny D, begins to fondle her huge tits from behind. Only, when Mr. D realizes his mix-up, he’s shocked to find that Brenna is flattered by his hands-on introduction. After all, it’s the perfect way to show her dorm mate how annoying taking things without asking can be!

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Brenna Sparks Fucks Her Roommate

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Brenna Sparks is insanely hot, this chick has it all. So much so that Tony, her roommate, had to sneak into her bedroom to get a peek at that magnificent body. Tony sneaked in her bedroom and hid in her closet. He was getting a little too excited and accidentally made some noise. She discovered him hiding, and at first she was furious and threatened to call the cops, but then she noticed something weird in his pants… Tony was already hard, which turned her on enough to get on her knees and start sucking that big fat cock! Brenna gargled on his dick until it couldn’t take anymore, then she made him slam that pussy. She got royally pounded all over her bedroom, all this culminating with a giant load on her big ol’ titties.

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Sparks It Up

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From our friends over at the Happy Tugs massage parlor, Brenna Sparks rubbed down another satisfied customer. He came in and Brenna started her routine. When she got to his legs, she worked her way under the towel and started to rub his already hard cock. He had that hey now look on his face but didn’t seem to object. She asked for a tip to continue the hand tug. Of course he was going to tip when his cock was at it’s hardest. She got the money and stripped down to show off the goods. She gave him the happiest of massages with an amazing blowjob, and then some awesome cock riding! He finally blew his load as she stroked him to climax. She then cleaned him up, and he left as a satisfied Happy Tugs customer.

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